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ECHS Empanelled Hospital in Dehradun

Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme popularly known as ECHS is a health cover provided to 36 lakh Ex-Servicemen form the 3 forces. There aim at ECHS is to provide comprehensive health services to our retired veterans. There are many empaneled hospital which are under ECHS in different states like Delhi, Gurgaon, Agra, Noida etc. In Uttarakhand there are many such hospitals and polyclinic. In this article we will give provide you name of such hospitals and there address.Subscribe to Uttarakhand DevBhoomi-उत्तराखंड देवभूमि | Sidcul Jobs by Email

ECHS Empanelled Hospital

Dehradun ECHS Empanelled Hospital

1. Aastha Hospital

Address: 2/1, Bakkyoyr Chowk, Dehradun

Doctor: Dr PK Agarwal

Telephone/Mobile : 0135-2764413, 2761023, Mob : 9412992713

2. Amritsar Eye Clinic

Address: 122/1, EC Road , Dehradun

Doctor: Dr Dinesh Sharma,

Telephone/Mobile : Mob : 9536381722

3. City Hospital,

Address: 1 Chakrata Road, Bindal Bridge, Dehradun

Doctor: Dr Sudhir Luthra,

Telephone/Mobile : Mob : 9837045144

4. Archana Hospital

Address: 123-A, Mahindra Vihar (Behind Hotel Surbhi Palace)
Ballupur Road, Dehradun

Doctor: Dr Ashok Luthra,

Telephone/Mobile : Mob : 9412055444

5. City Hospital

Address: 1 Chakrata Road, Bindal Bridge, Dehradun

Doctor: Dr Sudhir Luthra,

Telephone/Mobile : Mob : 9837045144

6. Combined Medical Institute Hospital

Address: 54-Hardwar Road, Dehradun-248001

Doctor: Dr M Kuriyal

Telephone/Mobile : Mob : 9219603001

7. Dhami Dental Care Centre

Address: Dr DS Dhami Sayed Road Luxmanpur
Chowk Vikas Nagar, Dehradun - 248198.

Doctor: Dr DS Dhami

Telephone/Mobile : 01360250665, 0136025055, Mob : 9412998665.

8. Doon MRI Private Limited

Address: 79, Rajpur Road, Dehradun- 248001

Doctor: Dr H Bhatia

Telephone/Mobile : Mob 9358123992

9.Luthra Hospital Private Limited,

Address: 58, Chakrata Road & 9B Astley Hall Dehradun

Doctor: Dr Gaurav Luthra,

Telephone/Mobile : Mob : 9358100350

10. MK Surgical Clinic & Urology Centre

Address: 8 Convent Road, Dehradun

Doctor: Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta,

Telephone/Mobile : Mob : 9837030013

11. Prem Sukh Hospital & Dialysis centre,

Address: 3/18, P.D. Tandon Marg,
Laxman Chowk, Dehradun- 248001

Doctor: Dr Ashutosh Mathur,

Telephone/Mobile : Tele : 0135-2623775, 3292922, Mob : 9412998075

12. Sanjeevani Medical and Diagnostic Centre,

Address: 5 Indira Nagar Colony, Dehradun-248006.

Doctor: Dr R Gilhotra,

Telephone/Mobile : Tele : 0135-2761270, 2761346, Mob : 9412058845,

Email :

13. Smile Dental Clinic,

Address: 72 Indra Market, Garhi Cantt,
Opp Sevenoaks School, Dehradun - 248003.

Doctor: Dr (Mrs) S Chaudhary

Telephone/Mobile : Mob No 9411945917,

E.mail :


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